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Promo Water bottles

Good reasons to buy and FAQs:


'CAN YOU DISCOUNT FOR CHARITIES OR CLUBS?’ : We are Australia's best value supplier of Promotional Drink Bottles and have a proven record or selling for less.  Having said that we are keen to help those who help others: call and ask how we can help, the discount will be small but every little bit counts!


'ARE YOU ABLE TO HELP WITH DESIGN?' : With three graphic artists on our staff we are most definetly able to and will be happy to help with art.  We think better designs make better promos so please ask us for assistance.


'HOW LONG DO YOUR BOTTLES TAKE?' : It depends on which ones you order and how many you need.  We are keen our bottles to customers when they need them - that is, genrally, yesterday!


'ARE YOUR BOTTLES BPA FREE?' :  Yes, all of them.


'CUSTOMER CARE AS STANDARD' : We will assign you a dedicated account manager to make your order run smoothly from go to whoa.  It's their job to make your order easy!

We are ready and waiting for your enquiry, call or questions!

The Team.